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2008 Student Enrollment Criteria

  • Currently entering grades 8 through 12
  • Student interviews with HSCC staff
  • Parent or guardian interviews with HSCC staff
  • Completes HSCC registration form
  • $50 registration fee

2007 HSCC Staff

  • Mr. Lou Shack, HSCC Assistant Coordinator and Instructor
  • Mr. Rodrick Edwards, HSCC Regional Coordinator and Instructor
  • Mr. Edward Yeldell, HSCC Coordinator and Instructor

Latest Results & Metrics
On August 18th, 2007, the Washington, D.C. BDPA Chapter HSCC Team won Second Place in The National High School Computer Competition recently held in Washington, D.C.

This year's winners each will receive $2000 towards the College or University of their choice.  Earlier this summer, HSCC Team-2 and HSCC Team-1 captured first and second place respectively during the Northeast Regional HSCC Competition held in June 2007 at Howard University. Last year, BDPA's Washington, DC students placed 3rd in National HSCC held in Los Angeles, California and won a total of $2,500 in scholarships.

The Washington, D.C. Chapter continues to receive positive feedback from parents emphasizing our programs continue to make tremendous impacts on their children. Student return rates for these programs continue to increase.   In 2008, BDPA-DC and BDPA-NoVA hope to field several local teams during 2008's Northeast Regional HSCC.

The Chapter's HSCC Team
This year, the National competition was held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC at the BDPA National Conference. The competition team representing Washington, DC comprised five students with the other students eligible to participate in the Youth Technology Camp. Competition teams continue to enjoy all expense paid trips to the National BDPA Technology Conference. All students were allowed to participate in the Student Youth Technology Camp and other planned student activities. The competition team will compete with other chapter teams throughout the United States developing a web application, oral and written competition. The top five teams won college scholarships, computer hardware and advanced gaming software.

The way to select students for competition team is through evaluating their performance. We have created a list of seven criteria that will be given a score. These scores determine which students are prepared for the national competition.

The following is a list of criteria used to evaluation your performance and readiness for the competition:

  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Team work
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Projects
  • Homework assignments
  • Presentation skills


High Performance Computing (HPC) Teams
Parent-Mentors Prepare Tomorrow's workforce

  Since its inception in 1984, Joint Educational Facilities, Inc. (JEF) has mentored and prepared over 250 students from the District of Columbia and surrounding communities to advance their careers by mastering undergraduate and graduate level requirements.

     JEF’s programs are designed to acquaint young students with research techniques, advanced mathematics, emerging technologies in computer science and telecommunications, computational science, geographical information systems (GIS), robotics and public speaking.

     JEF leverages grassroots techniques which have proved very successful: pairing African American youth with African American computer professionals (mentoring and role models), pairing African American high school students with African American college students (peer mentoring), and developing computer projects which relate to "real life" (e.g., developing computer models of Black teenagers or of teenage girls’ shopping habits), and the development of both oral and written language skills for confidence building.

     JEF feels a vast majority of minority students at junior and senior high school levels are not receiving appropriate levels of education, training, and technical instruction to fully be successful at the collegiate level.  Large numbers of students upon entering undergraduate school continue to be burdened with the  inability to do creative thinking in the sciences and mathematics, and to communicate orally and in writing with people other than their peers.  Basically, JEF’s approach is one of confidence building through skill development.

     To evaluate the success of JEF’s programs over the last 20 years, JEF has established informal relationships with several colleges and universities. These relationships are in the form of scholarships, Internet accounts, and registering JEF students for research paper presentations at international and national conferences or annual symposia.

JEF  Fall 2007

Now accepting 2007 enrollments for teens in Fall and Winter '08 sessions. For more information, call Dr. Jesse Bemley at (202) 584-1898 to register for instructor-mentor positions, parent-student teams, and apply for available JEF scholarships or internships.




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